Uranus Mounting Outdoor/Indoor Heater



Good for Hanging and Mounting Outdoor/Indoor Heater

Suitable for Pubs, Clubs, Hotels, Smoking Areas, Patios, Balconies, Terraces and any Open Indoor Areas.

Easy Control & Friendly EVER

  • Built-in Bracket is good for hanging and mounting.
  • Low temp (< 90 C) Shell allows to be installed closer to wall or ceiling than others, saving space and making good look.
  • With 1M effective length of its heating tube, the heater covers more area and space than any other single unit ever does.
  • Extruded housing long lasting anywhere.
  • Custom finish is possible in higher quantities.
  • Plug into mains socket, no need for qualified electrician to connect tomains supplyand full function remote controller for easy operation.
  • 4-hourTimer allows precise control of heating period.
  • Each function indicated by large pilot lamp with different colours for easy recognition.
  • Built-in Sensor cuts off in the unlikely event of over – heating.
  • Built-in Thermal fuse for ultimate safety.

Snap-in IP55 Design

  • Resistant to Heavy Rain, Snow, or Splash to any part? of the heater.
  • Stand for commercial applications..
  • Snap-in heating tube structure (PATENTED) makes easy tube replacement. No qualified electrician required, guaranteeing a life time of trouble – free use..

Carbon Fibre Heating Technology

  • Heats only solid objects like people, walls floors etc. Wind cannot blow heat away.
  • LOW GLARE TUBE is available: 1st carbon fibre low glare heating tube in the world satisfies you with a warm ambient glow yet provides the gentle healthy unlike the burning heat emitted from common short wave tubes or halogen heaters.
  • Especially good for Gallery, Club, Stable for Equestrian and areas unsuitable for bright light.
    130 degree heating angle and strong low glare carbon tube allows for effective heating at a mounting height of 3.5M – 4M.
  • greater footprint than competing products.

PIR Economy Feature

PIR (Passive Infrared) economy feature automatically turns off the  heater after 4 minutes when there is no movement detected beneath the heater..

Additional information
Dimensions 127 × 19.5 × 4.15 cm


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