Gaea Free Standing Indoor / Outdoor Heating


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The Gaea freestanding heater is suitable for cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels, smoking areas, patios, balconies, terraces and all open indoor areas. Thanks to its black brush finish and sleek appearance, the Gaea fits in any decor.

User-friendly infrared heating

With a heating pipe of one meter, the Gaea is able to heat a large area. Because the environment is not heated, this type of heating penetrates deep into your body.

The Gaea freestanding heater is delivered ready for use. Assembling parts is no longer necessary. Due to the light weight, you can also easily lift and move the heater using the handle on the back. The handy storage rack on the back of the device prevents loss of the remote control.

Freestanding heating with a long lifespan

The heater can withstand heavy rain, snow or splashes and is therefore suitable for commercial use. The patented click-in system also makes replacement of the heating element very easy. This way the Gaea has a long life span.

Carbon fiber heating technology

Because there is no heating of air, metal or water, the Gaea is suitable for heating people . Moreover, the heat does not blow away under the influence of the wind.

The Gaea is equipped with a low-glow carbon fiber heating element that provides a gentle yet intense heating. The heater has a heating angle of 13O ° and a reach of 3.5 meters which can heat up to 20m².

Easy assembly and operation

All you have to do is plug the plug into the socket. No qualified electrician is required for the installation of the Gaea.

The heater is equipped with various functionalities to increase the user-friendliness. The functions of the Gaea are indicated for example by a pilot light with colors and a timer sets the precise warm-up time. The built-in sensor then switches the heater off again to save or in case of danger of overheating. In the event of overheating, the built-in thermal fuse ensures safety.

Saving function by motion detector

The passive infrared saving function (PIR) automatically switches off the heating after 4 minutes when there is no movement under the heater and in the projection area.

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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 1350 × 315 × 415 cm


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